The methodology we carry out is an integrated or global method, in which the training exercises are carried out through the simultaneous or integrated development of the technical, tactical, physical and psychological factors, in which the ball is the main protagonist. 

Working with this type of methodology allows us for the exercises to have a maximum real transfer of football, so this is what we should look for in children. Not only to develop specific aspects of soccer, it also allows us to work on aspects of personal development based on the responsibility of the position on the field, overcoming defeat, the importance of camaraderie and teamwork.

The training sessions will focus on individualized technical-tactical work and the conditional improvement of speed, strength and agility. All under the maxim of the principles of participation and sporting satisfaction, which encourages a global learning in children.

The player’s sporting development will adapt to the player’s level, since he will train and play with a team adapted to his sporting level, seeking his best development on a day-to-day basis and match after match.




• Documentation management
• Spanish course or soccer coaching course
• Accommodation
• Maintenance: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
• Residence with swimming pool
• Internet
• Gym
• Specific technical training
• Training and matches with the team
• Qualified coaches with extensive experience in the world of football
• Sportswear
• Visa processing
• Health insurance

If you want to train with great Spanish soccer coaches and become a professional soccer player, our soccer academies are your ideal place.

In here, our students follow an organized schedule and a balanced diet, all combined with high-performance soccer training and matches where they can be observed by soccer scouts.

In addition, we offer the possibility of complementing your sport training with academic training, attending prestigious international schools or learning some of the most spoken languages ​​in the world (Spanish or English).

In the case of those under 16 years of age, academic training is mandatory.

Long stay: All season from €1,999/month
Half stay: Monthly basis (from one month up to three months).
Short stay: 10, 20 and 30 day-periods.

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