Club History

The Santomera Football Club was born in the 1960s, in a small town that bears the same name. Although it began as a modest amateur team, CF Santomera soon became the sporting and cultural emblem of the community. During its first years, the team played on dirt fields, being the simple passion of soccer its main motivator. The facilities were humble, but the will and love for the game was unwavering.

As time went by, and thanks to the unconditional support of its fans, CF Santomera climbed positions in the local leagues, leaving an indelible mark in each match. The 80s marked a golden era for the club, when it achieved several promotions and managed to position itself in higher categories, attracting talent from all over the region and consolidating itself as a true power in the local football scene.

But as any success story, there were also difficult moments. The club faced economic and sporting crises that threatened its continuity. However, the ever-loyal Santomera community rallied to support the team in its darkest moments, organizing events, fundraisers and activities to ensure CF Santomera kept going.

The arrival of the new millennium brought with it an era of renewal. The club inaugurated its new stadium, modern and with all the facilities to compete at the highest level. In addition, emphasis was placed on the training of young talents, creating an academy that has become a reference in the region, training players who not only shine at CF Santomera, but in teams throughout the country.

Today, CF Santomera is more than a football club; it is the reflection of a community that unites around an ideal, that celebrates each goal as if it was the first and that, regardless of adversity, always fights with honor and passion. The history of CF Santomera is the history of its people, a narrative woven with threads of dreams, effort and, above all, love for football.

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